"You are the salt of the earth...
You are the light of the world..."

MATT. 5:13-16

Black History Essay Contest


1 page written (3rd-5th Grade)

Due to the Pandemic of 2020, schools were forced to remain closed or in some cases, partially open.  What was it like learning at home? Tell us about what you miss most about not being in school, and what you are most looking forward to when you return.

Middle School:
2 pages written, or 1 page typed, double spaced (6th-8th Grade)

Kamala Harris, our first woman of color elected Vice President stated in her victory speech that “I may be the first woman in this position, but I will not be the last.” What is the significance of her election and how does it motivate you to achieve your goals?

High School:
8 pages written, or 4 pages typed (9-12 Grade)

The Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020 continued to mobilize a diverse group of young people, domestically and globally, in protesting police brutality against black people and racism in this country. How has the BLM movement affected you? Especially, has it become relevant in your school and community? 

All typed papers should be double-spaced. Essays should include your name and grade level. Spelling, grammar, and originality are important. Essays should be turned into Sister Dian Pringle by Wednesday, February 17th.

Essays are due by Sunday, February 17th and the winners will be announced on African Heritage Sunday, February 28th. Papers can also be emailed to Dianpringle@rcn.com.

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