"You are the salt of the earth...
You are the light of the world..."

MATT. 5:13-16

Ministries & SNL Leadership


Church Staff

Mykia Hicks – Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor
Gene J. Burke – Minister of Music/Elder of Worship
Fatima Burke – Director of Communications
Arnett Johns – Sexton
Carl Green – Food Pantry Operations  


Gene J. Burke
Deacon. Lorraine Outterbridge
Deacon. Emma Robinson
Deacon. Orson Brown
Roy Outterbridge
Beverly Craige
Deacon. Brenda Taylor
Rev. Peggy Johnson
Marie Vickers


Congregational Care
Marriage Ministry
Men’s Ministry 
Women’s Ministry
Saturday Enrich. Program
Saved By Grace (Recovery) 
Food Justice 

*Interested in knowing more about our ministries please email  admin@snlphilly.com*

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