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Black History Essay Contest


Elementary (3rd – 5th Grade):
1 page written


Marian Anderson, a famous African-American singer, was born in Philadelphia in 1897. After reading her story, tell us about some of the difficulties she had to overcome before becoming one of the greatest singers of all time. Name 2-3 highlights of her career.

Middle School (6th – 8th Grade):
2 page typed, (12 point, double spaced, Times New Roman font), double spaced

In 2022, a temporary statue of Harriet Tubman, celebrating her life, legacy, and contributions, was placed at City Hall. After the statue was moved, citizens expressed an interest in having a permanent statue of her displayed and Philadelphia responded by requesting proposals from artists. Describe what it would mean to you to have a permanent statue of Harriet Tubman on exhibit, especially considering the controversial issues involving mostly Confederate statues being removed.

High School (9th – 12th Grade):
4 pages typed, (12 point, double spaced, Times New Roman font)

Black athletes have long used their celebrity status to bring awareness to social, economic, and human rights issues. Many have suffered financially and personally as a result but determined the risk was worth it if their actions resulted in positive changes. Select an athlete (or two if you need to), discuss the issue(s) that he/she addressed, and how their advocacy helped to change laws and/or policies.


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