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Brianna Blackshear’s Story

The Salt & Light Saturday Enrichment program has helped me a lot! When I was struggling with math class in school, I was able to receive weekly help and tutoring. Because of the Saturday Enrichment program, I now have a better understanding of math and I was able to improve my grades. Saturday enrichment has also helped me to be more confident with making friends; being able to talk to my peers more, and not being so shy. 

I also needed God to help me with being more confident with the gifts He gave me. When I identified this issue, I started to think about how God gave me these gifts to use because he knew I could handle them well. God has helped me gain confidence by surrounding me with friends and other people who help me be able to use my gifts, and not be so afraid.  This helped me a lot because now I use my gifts all the time. I think church helped a lot because that’s where I feel the most comfortable using the gifts God gave me. 

I would tell others to trust in God and know that He has a plan for them. God knows what’s best for everyone and He made us to be great. I would encourage others to come to Saturday Enrichment because it is a fun program where you can be helped and also learn about God, and how to get closer to him.